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After crash landing on a planet covered in mushrooms, Aseroe meets a squid girl named Sepia..

This is the first visual novel in Squid Girl World. Please look forward to future releases. It was made in 1 week for the vncup, so please be forgiving of its flaws! Press h to hide the textbox and look at the artwork if you'd like.

Note: I'm working on a big update to this

StatusIn development
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Authormalakhim software
GenreVisual Novel

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I'm really quite fond of the understated character writing in this VN, where the contrast between the bubbly, energetic Sepia and the reserved, sober Aseroe is shown through things like their word choice, speaking style, and small gestures.  The two characters play well off of each other, and they make for a cute couple, heheh.

I was also very curious about the setting and world-building, as the story gives the reader a glimpse into an interesting, promising universe: There are numerous hints and mentions of different planets, species, and cultures—all of which look to have a lot of thought and care put into them.

As much as I liked the art (character sprites and CGs alike), I was sad that I never got to see them clearly to appreciate them for more than a few fleeting seconds during the scene transitions, as they were obscured by the dark full-screen textbox throughout the whole rest of the VN.  Your art is great, so let it shine forth!  Additionally, with how good and atmospheric the ambient background music was, I bet the last couple of scenes would've been even stronger with their own tracks, heheh—but, as you mentioned in the description, this VN was made under a very tight deadline, so it's perfectly understandable that a few things had to be left out here and there.

On a similar note, I also would've loved to see more development of the setting, of the characters' backstories and relationship (especially leading up to the ending), about how the events of the story got started, and so forth—Where is this planet?  How did Aseroe end up crashing there, in a place evidently far from her home, despite usually being a homebody?  What does it mean to be a "reaper", and how did Aseroe become one, so hazardous a job as it apparently is?  On and on my curiosity smolders—but again, under so restrictive a timeline, it's to be expected that a lot of the smaller, less immediately relevant details would be omitted.  Besides, this VN is meant to be the first entry in a series, yes?  Perhaps I just need to be more patient on this point, heheheh~

Having said all of that, I really did enjoy reading Squid Girl World Ep. 1.  It's a charming story, and moreover has a lot of promise across the board!  I'll most certainly be keeping an eye out for your future work~

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Hi Kyou! Thank you for leaving such an indepth comment on my visual novel. I am honored :-) I'm happy you think the two make a cute couple- they are very fun to write! You noticing my world building also means a lot to me. I hope to explore it further in my work!

The textbox issue... Yes! During the vncup, I had intended to create a CG Gallery to remedy this, but ran out of time. This reminded me to implement that. I will get started on that the second I have free time again (so hopefully this weekend). It really really means a lot that you liked my art. 

It also truly means the world to me that you look forward to future things I create c: I realize I've said variants of this statement multiple times, but honestly, this comment truly made my day! I did not expect it. I hope my future works do not disappoint!

EDIT: I've made a discovery that you can press h to hide the textbox!